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Sponsors and supporters

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AICDC would like to thank the following entities, foundations and Tribal Governments for their generosity and belief in the mission of the American Indian Housing and Community Development Corporation for serving American Indians in the Twin City metro area.

We would like to thank those who have supported our many community events and fundraising efforts to serve those who are in shelters during the holidays.

Our mission

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AICDC's corporate mission is "to provide culturally unique initiatives, housing and entrepreneurial programs that will strengthen American Indian Communities".

Our goals and objectives

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  • Provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing within a primarily American Indian community to homeless persons and provide permanent affordable housing for low and moderate income persons.
  • Provide training and technical assistance to persons within a primarily American Indian community in the areas of housing, rehabilitation, upkeep and maintenance, and management of residential housing units.
  • Conduct research, and gather data to be analyzed to formulate policy in the area of housing.

Our history

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In 1991 the American Indian Task Force on Housing and Homelessness was formed from a Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act initiative. Gordon Thayer working for the Bureau of Indian Affairs at that time was determined to focus on the problem in the Twin Cities. Gordon Thayer and Robert Albee organized the Task Force with Native professionals working for Federal, State, County and Municipal governments as well as the Community. Their initial task was to focus on providing a better level of support and assistance to American Indians on the streets and in shelters.

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