Kola ("Friend" in Lakota) - Outreach Program

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Dr. Ken, from KOLA, attending to a homeless American Indian patient.

Founded in 1999, KOLA's mission is to provide culturally specific supportive services to chronically inebriated homeless American Indians. KOLA provides case management, healthcare outreach, daytime activities, health screening and referral services to many of the homeless American Indians who are chronic late stage inebriates.

Characteristics of a typical KOLA Client: 

  • Majority are male with an average age of 35.
  • May suffer from depression and other mental illness along with severe chemical addictions.
  • Is distrustful and suspicious of drop-in centers, shelters, and medical clinics.
  • Show extreme loyalty to one another.
  • Most are gifted and talented people.
  • Many have served their country. 

Kola works with clients...

Our people need a reason to be sober.

KOLA helps the clients help themselves. 

KOLA provides first-aid, urgent, and some emergency medical care. 

KOLA provides health screenings for hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and depression.

KOLA provides education regarding HIV, Hepatitis C, and Tuberculosis.

KOLA helps the client access existing programs and services.

KOLA provides basic needs such as showers, blankets, and clothing. 

KOLA encourages sober activities.

KOLA offers telephones, computers and other information-based technologies.  Participants are able to access these resources during program hours. 

 Goals and Objectives:

  • Reduce the number of deaths on the street due to chronic alcoholism or homelessness.
  • Improve the general health of this high risk vulnerable population by providing urgent care medical care.
  • Decrease inappropriate use of Emergency Rooms and Detox Centers.
  • Staff encourages periods of sobriety.
  • Restore Dignity and self-respect through goal-setting, relationships and honesty.
  • Provide a wholistic approach to life change (physical, social, emotional and spiritual).
  • Refer clients to supportive and appropriate agencies.
  • Provides a safe and welcoming place for clients.
  • Provides temporary shelter from the weather
  • For more information about KOLA, contact us 612-874-1048 or contact us>

Program Hours: 7am-12:00pm Monday-Wednesday-Friday

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