Anishinabe Wakiagun

Anishinabe Wakiagun (The People's Home), located at 1600 East 19th St. in Minneapolis

What is Anishinabe Wakiagun?

Anishinabe Wakiagun is a culturally specific permanent supportive housing program for chronic inebriates.  It is a Housing First/Harm Reduction facility that does not require residents to be sober in order to maintain their housing.

The philosophy of Anishinabe Wakiagun is to reduce the public cost of providing services while at the same time providing a more stable living environment for it's residents.  The program goal is to minimize the negative consequences of the residents' drinking patterns, while providing a stable, culturally appropriate living environment that encourages a reduction in alcohol consumption.

Anishinabe Wakiagun is not a shelter, but provides permanent housing that encourages long-term residency to maximize stability in the individual's life. 

Length of Stay:

The average length of a resident's stay is 21 months, with the longest at 4 1/2 years.  60% stay for more than one year. 5% stay 3-6 months and 17% stay up to 3 months.

Resident Profile:

Residents must have 20 or more admissions to detox centers in the last three years, two or more attempts at chemical dependency treatment, and have been homeless the majority of the last two years.  Other indicators of eligibility include physical deterioration and evidence that the individual is incapable of self-management due to alcohol use.

Health Management:

The goal of the health care management component is to reduce the number of times emergency services are used by the resident and introduce them to health care systems.  As residents of Anishinabe Wakiagun, the individual is entitled to medical coverage and their continuing eligibility is monitored by their case manager.  100% of Anishinabe Wakiagun residents have medical coverage.  

Goals and Objectives:

  • To reduce the number of times expensive emergency services such as ambulance service and emergency room visits are used by residents. By providing an in-house clinic program.
  • Provide recreational activities including weight lifting, game nights for table games, music nights and camping trips are provided for.
  • Support spiritual activities, residents are encouraged to participate in traditional spiritual and other religious activities.
  • Residents are encouraged to take responsibility in caring for the community garden and plants.
  • Residents are encourage to fully explore their arts and crafts skills.

Cost Savings to County:Anishinabe Wakiagun saves the taxpayers over $500,000 per year by reducing:

  • detox admissions by 85%
  • ER visits by 20%
  • jail bookings by 23% 

Housing is Cost Effective

It's more economical to prevent homelessness than to allow people to cycle repeatedly through public services.


Apartment: $20

Homeless Shelter: $32

Detox unit: $192

Jail: $363

It costs $4,970 to deliver public services to one family experiencing homelessness, while it costs only $472-750 to prevent the family from becoming homeless. 

For more information about Anishinabe Wakiagun, call 612-871-2883.

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